Will I Lose Custody Of My Child If I Enter Rehab?

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Many parents fear that seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction will put them at risk of losing their children. This usually is not the case, and many childcare options exist for parents who are receiving addiction treatment.

Will I Lose Custody Of My Child If I Enter Rehab?

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, getting treatment is one of the most important measures you can take to ensure a better future for you and your children.

Children are affected by addiction, even if parents try to conceal their substance use. Addiction can impact a number of facets in children’s lives, including how they develop.

Seeing treatment for a substance use disorder (SUD) can decrease the likelihood of losing your children due to addiction, because you will be better able to meet their needs if you are healthy yourself.

Rest assured that seeking addiction treatment will not send child protective services (CPS) to your door, as long as your child has a safe and supportive place to stay while you receive care.

Active addiction can put both the parent’s and the child’s health and safety at risk, and when a child’s best interests are not looked after, loss of custody may be the result.

The Importance Of Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction can interfere with a child’s basic needs being met, and can lead to various forms of neglect if not managed. This is why seeking treatment is a vital step in the right direction.

If CPS does get involved, courts typically require the parent to receive addiction treatment. Doing so shows that you are committed to the greater welfare of yourself and your family.

This is something that CPS would look for, as the focus is on the well-being of the child, and a parent working toward recovery shows a dedication to the child’s best interests.

Each state has different laws pertaining to child custody. Though it is possible to lose custody of your child due to substance use, it is also possible to regain custody by completing treatment and staying sober.

Childcare And Addiction Treatment

Parents looking into addiction treatment options may be less likely to commit to treatment if they are uncertain about their childcare options.

However, a wide range of childcare options can meet just about every parent’s needs.

Options for childcare during addiction treatment may include:

  • family support
  • friends’ support
  • professional childcare options
  • Safe Families for Children
  • state subsidy support for childcare
  • VA childcare support
  • addiction treatment centers that allow children to accompany a parent

There are also outpatient programs that allow clients to return home after treatment is over for the day, and others that provide evening and weekend sessions if finding childcare during these times is easier.

Many addiction treatment facilities will work with you to help you find childcare support.

Find Treatment For A Substance Use Disorder Today

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