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Finding treatment for substance abuse and addiction in Hawaii may seem difficult. Keep reading to find out about 11 free or low-cost substance abuse treatment facilities in Hawaii.

Free Or Low-Cost Hawaii Rehab Centers

Hawaii substance abuse treatment facilities range from expensive luxury locations to smaller units inside of a hospital. The types of treatment offered at each location vary just as much. Sifting through the variety of rehab centers to find one that meets the unique needs of the individual at affordable prices adds another layer of difficulty. However, we can help with this process.

There are free or low-cost options available in Georgia that use evidence-based treatment practices, and some luxury facilities that offer treatment at a reduced rate or even for free. These facilities use private donations, vouchers, state funds, federal funds, and many use sliding scales to make sure clients do not put themselves in financial crisis to pay for drug and alcohol treatment services.

As new options emerge and existing funds are used up, the list may change or funding options may increase or decrease. Currently, free or low-cost drug and alcohol treatment centers in Hawaii are as follows.

*Treatment locations are listed in alphabetical order

1. Bobby Benson Treatment Center

A residential treatment program for both male and female teens struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. This facility requires family participation in treatment, and the length of treatment can range from one to twelve months.

This supportive, 30-bed, environment allows for teens to address addiction issues, develop more appropriate coping skills, create goals, and rebuild relationships.

Bobby Benson Treatment Center has some payment options and fee discounts available for those who may have financial hardships or inability to pay.

Location and contact information:

56-660 Kamehameha Hwy
Kahuku, Hawaii 96731
(808) 380-6111

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2. Castle Medical Center (Adventist Health Castle)

Castle Medical Center offers medically supervised detox for individuals struggling with substance abuse. After the individual has been stabilized, Castle Medical Center helps locate appropriate treatment options for the person.

Castle Medical Center accepts all insurances and has a fixed fee for treatment.

Location and contact information:

640 Ulukahiki Street
Hailua, Hawaii 96734
(808) 263-5500

3. Hina Mauka Alcohol Rehab

Hina Mauka provides alcohol rehab in a variety of modalities for adults and teens struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, and services extend out to the families of individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Hina Mauka recognizes that addiction is complex and offers three different residential programs at their inpatient location. Outpatient services are also available.

Hina Mauka does accept several different insurance carriers, and there are funding assistance programs that potential residents can apply for in order to pay for services. Self-pay individuals can pay up to $7 per counseling session if funding is not available.

Location and contact information:

45-845 Po’okela Street
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
(808) 236-2600

4. Ku Aloha Ola Mau

Substance abuse treatment counseling is offered through an intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Ku Aloha Ola Mau. Services include case management, group, family and individual counseling, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and acupuncture in some areas.

Individuals who are below the poverty level may qualify for scholarships to eliminate the cost of treatment, and private pay rates are available.

Location and contact information:

1130 N. Nimitz Highway
Suite C-302
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
(808) 538-0704

5. Marimed Foundation Youth Residential Treatment Program

Marimed Foundation is a residential treatment program for at-risk male youths. These young men are in need of a structured environment in which they can receive addiction treatment services without being incarcerated or hospitalized.

Marimed Foundation also offers ho’oma’a, which is an experiential-based program that allows the teen to build life-skills by learning and experiencing situations that foster problem-solving, relationships, and communication skills.
Marimed Foundation offers all treatment free of charge.

Location and contact information:

45-021 Likeke Place
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
(808) 349-3774

6. Salvation Army Addiction Treatment Waokanaka Honolulu

Waokanaka Salvation Army Addiction Treatment has inpatient residential treatment for substance abuse and addiction. This program is designed for both women and men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

In addition to inpatient residential substance abuse treatment, Waokanaka also offers non-medically assisted detox programs and outpatient/day services.

Treatment at Salvation Army Addiction Treatment Waokanaka is funded by local and federal agencies and is free of charge to individuals who meet criteria.

Location and contact information:

3624 Waokanaka Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
(808) 595-6371

7. Salvation Army Family Treatment Services Na Lei Lokahi Program

A residential substance abuse treatment option for women and women with children under three. The Na Lei Lokahi Program is available for women over the age of 15.

In addition to substance abuse counseling, Na Lei Lokahi Program also supplies information and education on parenting, career planning, women’s issues, aftercare, life skills training, and nursery services.

Most program costs are covered by state funding, and there is a small monthly fee.

Location and contact information:

54-316 Kamehameha Highway
Suite 5
Hauula, Hawaii 96717
(808) 732-2802

8. Salvation Army Rehab Center Sumner

A Christian based residential substance abuse treatment program for men. Sumner program offers counseling, education, and workshops related to addiction and substance abuse recovery. In addition, skill-building seminars and recreational activities help replace old habits and old thinking with new, drug-free options.

Treatment services at Salvation Army Sumner are offered free of charge to residents.

Location and contact information:

322 Sumner St
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
(808) 595-6371

9. Sand Island Treatment Center Honolulu

Sand Island furnishes a number of intervention methods for substance abuse treatment in adult men and women. Their services include inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment, day treatment, and outpatient services.

Transitional living assistance and aftercare programs are available as well. Pregnant women and people struggling with intravenous drug use (IV drug use) are given priority status.

Financial assistance is available for those in need of drug and alcohol abuse treatment services with limited income.

Location and contact information:

1240 Sand Island Access Roads
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
(808) 841-2319

10. U.S. Veterans Initiative

U.S. Vets Initiative understands that a large percentage of the homeless population struggles with substance abuse and addiction. In order to address the homeless Veteran situation in Hawaii.

U.S. Veterans Initiative behavioral health designed a program that includes substance abuse treatment and re-entry into society.

The cost of services provided varies, as the program is specifically catered to each individual and their needs. As a program associated with Veterans and the federal government, many services are covered by government funding and are free to Veterans struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

Location and contact information:

91-1039 Shangrila
Building 37
Kapolei, Hawaii 96707
(808) 630-0771

11. Veterans Affair Department Substance Abuse Treatment

Referred to as Program 116, this evidence-based program provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment for Veterans struggling with addiction in an outpatient setting. Intensive outpatient services are offered at this location, along with standard substance abuse outpatient counseling.

Veterans have access to this program free of charge.

Location and contact information:

459 Patterson Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
(800) 827-7000

Free Or Low-Cost Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities In Hawaii

Hawaii has many substance abuse treatment facilities that are affordable and offer quality services.

Let us find a facility that meets the needs of you or your loved one, start the journey toward sobriety by contacting us today.

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