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Locating drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs can seem like a massive headache. Without an idea of what to look for or how much it costs, it is easy to become frustrated. This list contains low-cost and free substance abuse rehabilitation options in Missouri.

Free Or Low-Cost Missouri Rehab Centers

Missouri uses both state and federal funds to finance substance abuse rehabilitation services in the state. In 2017, with totals of over $100 million, there were several treatment options available to people struggling with addiction. However, according to 2017 reports, less than ten percent of the 416,000 struggling with substance use disorder in Missouri actually attended treatment.

The $100+ million in funds have been used to increase access to treatment, improve available treatment, and expand services to provide comprehensive care. These changes can help improve substance abuse treatment outcomes.

As the number of available drug and alcohol treatment programs expands, people seeking substance abuse rehabilitation may increase as well. It is important to have help finding a facility that will meet the criteria an individual needs.

Currently, this is a compilation of free and low-cost substance abuse facilities in Missouri.

*Rehab facilities are listed in alphabetical order, no other factors were considered

1-3. Assisted Recovery Centers of America (Missouri Locations)

Assisted Recovery Centers of America (ARCA) is a nationally recognized organization that works to treat drug and alcohol abuse. They offer medically-assisted treatment (MAT) options for those struggling with alcohol, tobacco, or opioid addiction.

Medically-supervised detox is also an option at ARCA facilities. Each location uses cognitive behavioral therapy, and evidence-based treatment interventions.

Missouri has an ARCA drug and alcohol treatment location in the following cities:

  • St. Louis (314) 678-3344
  • Town and Country (314) 645-6840
  • Farmington (573) 664-1096

The cost of service is determined on an individual basis. Financial assistance, grants, and scholarships may be available to residents who exhibit financial need. In some cases, treatment may be free.

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4-8. CenterPointe Hospital

CenterPointe Hospital offers a range of substance abuse treatment options, starting with The Changing Pointe residential treatment. This intensive four-week program addresses addiction in a variety of ways, and then the person is referred to outpatient services for long term treatment.

CenterPointe has five outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers in the following Missouri cities:

  • St. Louis West
  • St. Louis South
  • Columbia
  • St. Peters
  • St. Charles

Outpatient locations have payment options to assist with the cost of substance abuse rehabilitation treatment. Many services are covered by insurance, and financial assistance may be available to those who meet the criteria.

Location and contact information:

4801 Weldon Spring Parkway
St. Charles, Missouri 63304
(800) 345-5407

9. Charlotte Merritts Ottley Transitional Women’s Center (CMO-TWC)

The Charlotte Merritts Ottley Center provides outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services as well as increasing access to community services. The staff consists of individuals who have direct experience with homelessness, substance abuse, trauma, and the criminal justice system.

CMO-TWC recognizes the need for increased access to their services to women, specifically women of color. The majority of women who are involved with the court systems have a history of substance abuse, as well as trauma, poverty, mental health issues, domestic violence, and low levels of formal education. CMO-TWC is working to help these women achieve their goals of sobriety and growth.

CMO-TWC accepts donations to help the women in the program, and offset the cost of drug and alcohol treatment services. These services are offered free or low-cost for those in need.

Location and contact information:

3029 Locust St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63103
(314) 771-5207

10. Daybreak Treatment Center

Daybreak offers both outpatient and residential treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. This location can provide medication management and nursing services in addition to substance abuse rehabilitation.

The cost of service is based on ability to pay. An income-based sliding scale can reduce financial responsibility, making it low-cost or free to residents.

Location and contact information:

303 N. 10th St.
Columbia, Missouri 65203
(573) 875-8088

11-13. Gibson Recovery Center

This location offers several services to those struggling with addiction and co-occurring diagnoses. Services are provided by a team of professionals consisting of a clinical supervisor, substance abuse counselor, direct care staff, nurses, mental health counselor, community support staff, employment specialist, and the client themselves.

Residential facilities at Gibson Recovery are:

  • Gibson Center’s Men’s Residential provides 16-beds to men in need of substance abuse treatment. Several specialized services are offered here, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and trauma-informed care, among others.
  • Vision House is a transitional living house for up to 16 women in recovery. The program at Vision house works to establish healthy goals and provide aftercare while women work toward returning to the community.
  • Hillcrest Pointe offers medically supervised detox and residential living for those in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

In addition to these residential services, Gibson Recovery Center also offers outpatient substance abuse treatment and outpatient counseling. These services help those who have been through the residential program continue sobriety.

Services are covered by insurance. Those in need of financial assistance are considered on a case by case basis and usually covered by government funding.

Location and contact information:

1112 Linden
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 6370
(573) 334-5513

14. Imani House (Swope Health)

This outpatient location is equipped with staff and resources that address the cycle of addiction, how substance abuse can affect all areas of life, and help residents maintain sobriety. Aftercare and relapse prevention programs are also available to those who complete the substance abuse intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Swope Health does not refuse service to anyone. If criteria for a reduced fee are met, drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation services will be affordable, low-cost, and, in some cases, free of charge.

Location and contact information:

3950 E. 51st St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64130
(816) 929-2600

15. Teen Challenge International of Mid-America

Teen Challenge provides a 14-month residential treatment for individuals seeking substance abuse treatment. This program is open to teens and adults, contrary to the name. This immersive, Christian based rehabilitation redirects its residents toward healthy skills and habits, and community involvement is an important aspect of this program.

Cost for treatment is usually covered by private donation and funding. If an individual has income, donations are encouraged to help offset the cost. This facility is low-cost and in some cases free.

Location and contact information:

P.O. Box 1089
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63702
(573) 335-6508

Missouri Drug And Alcohol Treatment Options That Are Free Or Low-Cost

Missouri has recently received significant funding for substance abuse treatment. They also have acknowledged that treating substance abuse, in many cases, needs to address all areas of life and be long term.

seen an increase in funding dedicated to substance abuse in recent history. Additionally, it has been recognized that drug and alcohol rehabilitation should be long-term and cover many areas of life. Comprehensive and holistic substance abuse treatment tends to lead to positive outcomes and long-term sobriety.

Finding these updated substance abuse treatment facilities isn’t always easy. However,we are ready and available to help. Please contact us today and let us help you take the first step toward recovery.

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