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Finding low-cost or free drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Illinois can feel like a huge mission. The facilities listed below are some of the free and low-cost options for substance abuse treatment in Illinois.

Free Or Low-Cost Illinois Drug Rehab Centers

The number of overdoses in Illinois that resulted in death just about doubled from 2013 to 2017, with opioids being a contributing factor in 80 percent of those deaths. Opioids are spreading through our country like wildfire, claiming loved ones, and leaving destruction in its wake.

The statistics on opioids in Illinois are staggering. With an estimated 15,000 people seeking treatment for opioid addiction yearly, and among teens, heroin abuse is as common as alcohol abuse. Other substances of abuse, such as methamphetamines, have shown an increase in abuse as well.

State and federal grants are being created and distributed to help the increased need for substance abuse treatment facilities. These changes create a fluctuation in the availability of programs, but the current list of 35 available drug and alcohol treatment facilities in Illinois that are low-cost or free can be found below.

*Facilities are listed alphabetically, not by rank of services offered, location, or quality of care.

1. Chestnut Health Systems Substance Abuse Treatment

Chestnut Health has substance abuse treatment inpatient services for teens ages 13-18. This location provides gender-specific treatment as well as educational options for GED.

This state-funded rehab center offers treatment whether payment is rendered or not. A person will not be turned away if they are in need of drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

Location and contact information:

1003 Martin Luther King Drive
Bloomington, Illinois 61701
(309) 827-6026

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2. Haymarket Center

Haymarket Center provides substance abuse treatment for a variety of people who struggle with a range of addictions. A community organization, Haymarket understands that addiction rarely occurs alone. Because of this, Haymarket strives to provide comprehensive care for each person requesting drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

Using evidence-based interventions and up-to-date research, Haymarket is providing quality drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation to individuals in need of treatment.

The following treatment options are available through Haymarket:

  • medically supervised detoxification
  • residential inpatient services
  • recovery homes (sober living)
  • family recovery home (women with children are accepted)
  • health and wellness programs
  • self-help groups
  • outpatient programs

Haymarket offers and provides substance abuse treatment solutions to individuals in need, regardless of income. Haymarket will work with each person to determine what payment for services.

Location and contact information:

932 W. Washington
Chicago, Illinois 60607
(312) 226-7984

3.-33. Rosecrance Health Network

Rosecrance Health Network has facilities across Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. With 21 different substance abuse treatment facilities in Illinois, Rosecrance Health Network is providing rehab services to hundreds of people in Illinois.

These locations and their services are as follows:

  • Rockford, Illinois And Surrounding Areas
    • Griffin Williamson Campus
    • Harrison Campus
    • Hillman Recovery House
    • Marlowe Recovery House
    • Greendale Recovery House
  • Chicago, Illinois and Chicago Suburbs
    • Lakeview
    • Des Plaines
    • Frankfort
    • Naperville
    • Northbrook
    • Oak Park Office
    • La Grange
  • Central Illinois
    • Moreland
    • Fox Drive
    • Walnut Street
    • Killarney Street
    • Danville
  • McHenry County, Illinois
    • McHenry
    • Crystal Lake Office
    • Dakota Clinic
    • Woodstock Recovery Home

Rosecrance offers substance abuse treatment for teens, men, women, and women with children across Illinois. Services vary at each location. Residential treatment, intensive outpatient, detoxification, outpatient counseling, transitional living, sober living, and even apartment complexes are available to people participating in Rosecrance programs.

Rosecrance will estimate the cost of care for each client and explore insurance payment options. If a person does not have insurance, there are options for assistance. Loans are available, and in some instances, treatment fees can be paid for by charity care.

Location and contact information:

1021 North Mulford Rd
Rockford, Illinois 61107
(855) 711-5106

34. The Pavilion

The Pavilion offers inpatient treatment for substance abuse and addiction for all ages and specializes in co-occurring disorders. Adult detox services are available, as well as residential treatment for children 8-18.

Treatment teams consist of multidisciplinary professionals and staff that are educated in addiction treatment services. These teams meet with each client to evaluate and determine the level of care to help obtain and maintain sobriety.

The Pavilion offers financial assistance to all clients who are unable to afford their portion of their bill. The cost of service is based on a sliding scale, and there are funds available to offset the cost of treatment.

Location and contact information:

809 W. Church St.
Champaign, Illinois 61820
(217) 373-1700

35. White Oaks Detox Inpatient Peoria

White Oaks Detox program offers supervised detoxification for people chemically dependent on substances of abuse. White Oaks is offered as part of the holistic substance abuse treatment care from Human Service Center (HSC).

After an individual completes the detox program at White Oaks, they are often referred to a substance abuse program that is determined by their unique needs. HSC offers outpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, or one of two residential treatment options.

Medicaid is accepted at White Oaks, and payment arrangements are available if a person does not have insurance coverage.

Location and contact information:

1200 Hamilton Blvd
Peoria, Illinois 61614
(309) 671-8040

Affordable, Low-Cost or Free Substance Abuse Treatment Options In Illinois

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